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Caltrain Mobility Hub

Caltrain connects Silicon Valley to San Francisco, via 4th & King Station. Last-mile options crowd the station, but a lack of organization causes congestion and pedestrian hazard.

Tranzito successfully pitched and managed a mobility hub pilot, leading: program vision & strategy, RFP development & selection, coordinating right-of-way & grid power, and integration with private operators. Tranzito secured new funding streams to bring Caltrain’s costs down.

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BART Bike Stations

The BART network provides efficient travel throughout the greater Bay Area, but passenger access to stations remains a limiting factor to system growth. Bike infrastructure Improvements bring new riders to BART.

Under its BikeHub brand, Tranzito has managed the Bike Station program since 2004, offering a full-range of management & operations services and debuting many innovations, such as: municipal valet bike parking, municipal bike-cafe business, smart bike rack pilot, e-bike charging area, and more.

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LADOT Integrated Mobility Hubs

Multimodal travel is central to LA’s new vision for mobility.

Tranzito will design, build and operate a network of 13 station-based and 85 curb-based mobility hubs, an equity-focused on-demand microtransit program, multimodal mobility app, and secure bike parking rooms. Scheduled to begin in 2023.

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Metro Bike Share

Bike share is the solution for first-last mile travel to and from Metro’s Bus and Rail programs. As a publicly-owned program, Metro can prioritize greater access and an equity-focus.

HOW Under its BikeHub brand, Tranzito helped build out the program alongside prime operator Bicycle Transit Systems. Its team is responsible for bicycle repairs & assembly, and station management & installation.

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OCTA Mobility Hubs Strategy

“OC” is car-culture to the core; more cars and highway lanes have only increased congestion. OCTA needs a strategy to support transportation alternatives with a fresh look at new mobility.

Tranzito provided strategic consulting and practical recommendations for OC’s Mobility Hub implementation plan, including: component selection, maintenance & operations, funding models & sources, potential pilot programs, and a model for multi-agency program management.

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STAP Bus Shelters

The City of Los Angeles wanted a new and innovative street furniture program to welcome a smart-cities future, prioritizing equity, shelter, shade, safety, and comfort for LA’s transit riders.

Tranzito’s vision that “today’s bus stops are tomorrow’s mobility hubs” is realized in LA’s STAP program. New shelters will be deployed with micromobility charging, shared delivery lockers, real-time bus arrivals & emergency notifications. The program’s kit-of-parts design facilitates a rapid deployment & reduced ongoing expenses. Tranzito-Vector, a joint-venture with Vector Media will deliver 3,300 new street furniture elements over the next 20 years, delivering maximum value to the city of LA.

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